HP-10 Foxtail Convertible Plane


Foxtail Convertible Plane


With the HP-10 Foxtail Convertible Plane, you can confidently immerse yourself in the Bridge City Tool Works experience—a seamless blend of precision, performance, and unwavering dedication to excellence. Elevate your woodworking mastery and unlock a world of precision and creativity with the HP-10, a testament to the artistry and ingenuity of Bridge City Tool Works.

Accessories for HP-10 Foxtail Convertible Plane

HP-10 Cove Iron Kit

HP-10 Kit

Cove Iron Kit

HP-10 Dia. Crown Kit

HP-10 Kit

Dia. Crown Kit

HP-10 Shoulder/Rabbet Cutting Kit

HP-10 Kit

Shoulder/Rabbet Cutting Kit


HP-14 Scraper Plane


Scraper Plane


In 2017, with much anticipation, John brought the HP-14 Scraper Plane into public eye. Five years later, we integrate the excellent new designs and optimizations with the HP-14, and are honored to announce this brand-new HP-14 Scraper Plane to all the woodworkers.

Re-designed Iron Angle Adjustment Mechanism

Scraping Depth Micro-Adjustment

HP-6FX Mini Multi-Plane


Mini Multi-Plane


HP-6FX Mini Multi-Plane is a specialized hand planing tool for cutting profile shapes including Straight Grooves, V-grooves, Arc Grooves and other special shapes on the workpiece surface. 

The High Efficiency Cutting Angle

Mouth Adjustment

Accessories for HP-6FX

Mini Multi-Plane

HP-6FX Dado Groove Kit

HP-6FX Kit

Dado Groove Kit

HP-6FX Dia. Crown Kit

HP-6FX Kit

Dia. Crown Kit

HP-6FX Radius Crown Kit

HP-6FX Kit

Radius Crown Kit

HP-6FX V-Groove Kit

HP-6FX Kit

V-Groove Kit


HP-8 Mini Block Plane


Mini Block Plane


HP-8 Mini Block Plane--a small plane that does what only small planes can do, and that is the ability to do delicate and precise work using only one hand.The HP-8 is a tool for planing, chamfering and trimming of small wood stock. It also functions as a wood stock thicknesser that other ordinary planes cannot accomplish. 

The Aluminum Sole and Adjustable Throat Plate

Thickness Planing

HP-9v2 Dual Angle Block Plane


Dual Angle Block Plane


Tool making as an art has never been more obvious than the form and function of the HP-9v2 Dual Angle Block Plane. This beautifully crafted, dual-angle block plane has several distinguishing features making it one of the most interesting products in our history of tool making.

Unique Blade Retention Mechanism

Cutting Depth Adjustment

HP-12 Dual Angle Bench Plane


Dual Angle Bench Plane


The HP-12 Dual Angle Bench Plane, designed by John Economaki, is unlike any other smoother- past or present -in quality, workmanship, and performance. We believe this dedication to quality and performance will rub off in your work. This lightweight plane is one of the most versatile and usable planes and may be the only bench plane you’ll ever need!

Unique Blade Retention Mechanism

Cutting Depth Adjustment

HP-8X Celebration Edition Mini Block Plane

HP-8X Celebration Edition Mini Block Plane


Celebration Edition Mini Block Plane

HP-8X Sapphire BlueHP-8X Jet BlackHP-8X Champagne Gold

All woodworkers are literally creating art crafts when they work, because every woodworking project is different. Creative working is the best way to demonstrate the incredible intelligence and capabilities of human. So, we thought it would be fun to create a Special Version of the best-selling HP-8 Mini Block Plane to Celebrate the creativity of the global woodworkers. We call this edition “HP-8X Celebration Edition Mini Block Plane”. 

Honing Guide for Planes

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