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JMPv2 Blades (Sold in a package of 3)

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JMP Blades   

The finish is so good that final clean-up work with chisels or planes is not needed.  Blades sold in a package of 3.

Produced by one of the main Japanese suppliers of this type of high-quality blade specifically for the Jointmaker Pro.  

Crosscut A Blade:  .4mm x 28 tpi; kerf of 0.018;  Most commonly used blade

Crosscut B Blade: .3mm x 32 tpi;  Used with softer woods of smaller dimensions.

Crosscut C Blade: .4 mm x 28 tpi; kerf of 0.023” for StewMac Fret Wire.  Allows luthiers to cut 0.023” fret slots in a single pass.  It has a slightly thicker crosscut blade which may have an appeal for those who are cutting dense woods.

Rip Blade: .4mm x 16 tpi; Gives a great finish on rip cuts but periodically cleaning wood fibers that may be embedded in the gullets (with an old toothbrush) may be necessary in between cuts depending on the species of the wood.  Useful for cutting tenons and dovetails.