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Chopstick Master Blanks & Sleeves (Set of 10)

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Chopstick Master Blanks & Sleeves Included in Kit

20 Blank Chopsticks (see type of wood availability listed below) and 10 Canvas Sleeves (5 blue sleeves and 5 red sleeves)

Kits Available in: Maple, Paduak and Wenge. 

Maple – A diffuse-porous hardwood that has excellent planing characteristics but reverse grain is not uncommon (you will need to plane some spots pulling the plane towards you to avoid grain tear-out). This is the lightest color of chopstick blanks that we provide.

Padauk – A bright red/orange when freshly cut but does mellow over time. This is an open grain hardwood that planes easily and makes an excellent chopstick not only for its hardness but for the beautiful color – red is considered “good luck” in

Wenge (Millettia laurentii) – Hard and somewhat brittle with a coarse, fibrous structure. An attractive medium brown with lighter grain lines, it becomes almost uniformly black with an oil finish.